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Let our lash artists completely transform your eyelashes

Eyelash extensions provide wearers the opportunity to enjoy dynamic looks through semi-permanent makeup. When we offer our lash extension services to clients at I-Spa Lash Nail Lounge Omaha, these are the common advantages and benefits that our guests experience: Creating a natural look or a more dramatic effect in one simple application. Long-lasting. Formaldehyde free and superior quality. Save big time. Putting on make-up takes its fair share of time, especially when you consider eye makeup. Eyeshadow, eye pencil, eyeliner, eyebrow gel, mascara… the list of items you are required to use before you are satisfied with the intended dramatic look you were aiming for is endless. For women on the go who are aiming for an effortless natural look, eyelash extensions are ideal. It’s not just a solution for working women but all women in general who in today’s day and age seem to operate on a faster-than-lightning basis. Unique styling. Eyelash extensions are tailored to the wearer's pref

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